6 Degree Wall-washer


The design optimizes the light prescription of free form optics. In the vertical direction to the wall, light ray is directed from 0° to 45° gradually, all the ray will be stopped by the wall.
In the horizontal direction, according to the design the diffuse angle is 6°,a V-shape high contrast light pattern will be visible on the wall.

Requirement of casing:
Anodized black, to produce a high contrast V-shape boundary

Fig.1 Lens and LED assembly

Fig.2 Ray-tracing showing light ray from the lens perpendicular to the wall

Fig.3 Ray-tracing showing light ray from the lens parallel to the wall

Fig.4 Different views of the lens

Fig.5 A-A & B-B section view

Fig.6 Different views of the casing

Assuming the flux of LED is 100 lx, distance of the lens from the wall is 50mm, and the following is a computer simulation:

Fig.7 Ray-tracing

Analysis showing the light intensity on a screen in a distance 1m from the lens:

           (a)            (b)            (c)            (d)            (e)
Fig.8 (a)~(e) Analysis showing the light pattern & CD on the wall

The alignment of lens when being used in a group:

Fig.9 Alignment of lens