Advertisement Board Lighting


Projection Light Lens for Advertisement Boards (lens material: optical PC)

Fig. 1 Advertisement Board & Projection Lights

LED sources:CREE XPG/XPE, CREE XTE, CREE XBD, luxeon A, Luxeon Rebel ES, etc

Fig. 2 The lens appearance

Fig. 3 The relative position of the lens and advertisement board

The installation of lens in the lighting fixture:
1. The freeform surface of the lens is facing up while the prism is facing down.
2. Consists of 10~16 pcs 1W LED, the lens are placed in an array in the same direction
3. The front surface of the lighting fixture is placed 38° ~ 39° relative to the advertisement board

Fig. 4 Design principle
1.1 Computer rays-tracing simulation showing how a single lens works, assuming the LED flux is 90lx:

Fig. 5 Rays-tracing simulation of single lens
1.2 Computer rays-tracing simulation showing how an array of lens works on advertisement board. Assuming each lighting fixture consist of 10 pcs LED, aligned by 39 degree, the distance between the light and the advertisement board is 1.5m, separation distance between each light is 1.5m, dimensions of advertisement board is 6 x 12m:

Fig. 6 Rays-tracing simulation of array of lighting fixtures and advertisement board