Optical Design

LPI Precision Optics Limited has extensive experience in the design of nonimaging and imaging optics. Our highly efficient designs are developed using the most up-to-date design principles. Many of our designs are protected by its extensive portfolio of patents.

For the non-imaging optics design, LPIPO had developed the unique technology, based on SMS methodology, etendue conservation, and Ede-ray principle. LPIPO has the most powerful non-imaging optics design and simulation softwares, i.e. LightTools, and Tracepro.

For the imaging optics design, LPIPO also have experience with the complex optical systems, such as the infrared, folded optical system, CCTV, mobile phone cameras. LPIPO also has the imaging design software, i.e. Zemax.

Freeform Optical Lens
TIR Lens
Optical Reflectors
Fresnel Lens
Computer Simulation, Ray Tracing