Located in the prestige Hong Kong Science Park, LPI Precision Optics Ltd. is an optical design, prototyping and manufacturing firm which specializes in providing state-of-the-art optical solutions for a wide range of LED based lighting applications, including automotive lighting, general illumination, architectural lighting, mining, medical device and display technologies. We are also involved in the design and manufacture of optics for the Concentration Photovoltaic industry.

Equipped with 5-Axis Nanotech 350FG Diamond Turning Center and Zygo GPI Interferometer system, we are able to provide fast prototype precision optics, fabricate injection molding inserts and carry out mass production in plastic injection. We are ISO certified. Good quality and price are guaranteed. Please contact us should you have any need in the above mentioned fields or should you be looking for a supplier to produce your optics. We will serve you better!